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CanardusHorribilis.com in Norwegian

The New Wave of Norwegian Medieval Music



If Vikings Could Breakdance

Absence Crew & Canardus Horribilis

A film by Absence, Canardus Horrobilis & Fahil Anweri. 
Soundtrack: Canardus Horribilis - La rotta. 
Hiphop remix by Tomtom Studio.
Shot at Midgard Historiske Senter, Horten - Norway.
Costumes from the show: Norse - The breaking gods (Norr - Da gudene breaket).
Idea: Andreas Roksvaag & Anja Boman.
Direction: Fahil Anweri & Andreas Roksvåg
Video / edit: Fahil Anweri

Tønsberg Middelalderfestival 2016.

Full concert!

"Canardus Con Amici" - Canardus Horribilis with Extend art of dance, De Munnfulle and Tønsberg Irish Dance Ensemble.

Dancing on tables! The audience dancing in a long, long chain! Just another day at the office…

...did I mention the stripping nun?!?


Video: WoieBlikk

We Will Rock Iron Man and Saltarello!

Hamar Middelalderfestival 2016.

”We Will Rock Iron Man and Saltarello!”

Canardus Horribilis and Extend art of dance.

Video: Berit Fjæstad.

La Rotta.

Hamar Middelalderfestival 2016.

Canardus Horribilis plays La Rotta while Extend art of dance dances!


Video: Berit Fjæstad

Pase El Aqua.

Hamar Middelalderfestival 2016

Canardus Horribilis sings "Pase EL Aqua" at Hamar Middelalderfestival 2016.


Video: Berit Fjæstad.

Christmas Special 2015.

Canardus Metallus Horribilis!

For some reason - probably cynical, ”Pastime With Good Company” was mixed by a Heavy Metal sound engineer…

Video: Canardus Horribilis Media Group

Join us on stage!

Medeltidsveckan 2015.

Join Canardus Horribilis on stage in front of 5200 people at Medeltidsveckan 2015!

Medeltidsveckan, Visby, Sweden 2016.

Canardus Horribilis to open Medeltidsveckan 2016!

Canardus Horribilis and De Munnfulle is the opening act on the Medeltidsveckan på Gotland festival (Visby, Sweden) in 2016.
Poeta Magica opened the festival in 2015, and awarded Canadus Horribilis/De Munnfulle the honour for 2016! We look forward to giving you a magical concert and performance in return.

Tønsberg Middelalderfestival 2015.

Experience the festival + fire show.

Impressions from Tønsberg Middelalderfestival 2015. Canardus Horribilis plays on the fire-show in the end of the Video along with De Munnfulle and Pax. CH at 8:27. 

Medeltidsveckan 2014.

Gotland, Sweden. 2014.

This is a video from Medeltidsveckan på Gotland, Sweden in 2014. If you are wondering if you need to experience Medeltidsveckan for yourself, see this and start ordering tickets! You can also see and hear Canardus Horribilis performing at Forum Vulgaris in the video (5:05). 

Happy Holidays 2014!

Canardus Horribilis + fans 2014!

Canardus Horribilis wished everyone happy holidays back in 2014 with "La Rotta". The sound recording is Canardus Horribilis playing at Forum Vulgaris at Medeltidsveckan på Gotland, Sweden in 2014. As you can hear, the audience went nuts! We wouldn't dream of tampering with the original recording.... Honestly!


Early video!

Canardus Horribilis in Hamar, 2013.

Canardus Horribilis performs "Tourdion" at Hamar Middelalderfestival in 1320, sorry... 2013.


This was the third concert by Canardus Horribilis.


Standard medieval punk.



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